Graffiti is a diverse team of committed improvisers. We are interested in recruiting new members. We are beyond level 401 but if you are a level 201-301 and intend to progress through the levels rapidly then you are invited to audition! We are currently having open auditions for indie team Graffiti. We seek team members who feel a real commitment to improv. If you want to be on an indie team and aspire to perform at a professional level, then we are interested in recruiting you. As of now, we practice on Saturdays from 4-6pm. We are flexible in terms of which day we practice each week. Once we finish assembling our team, we will get a consensus what day we will practice. We will perform 2x a month on the weekends as soon as we're ready. If you think you may be interested and would like to know more, please reply to This team is ambitious in terms of developing our skills as improvisers. We will be launching our website in June, 2012.